Designing A House On A Budget

When you first decide to build a new home instead of purchasing one, there are usually several factors that you take into consideration.  First, is it budget friendly?  Would it cost more to purchase a home and then do all the renovations required?  Or, would it be more cost beneficial to buy land, and then think about building viceroy homes, purchasing a prefab home, or hiring a contractor to design and build a home for you?  The second consideration is, how long are you willing to wait to move into a new house?  There are obviously many more factors involved in the decision making of buying a new house, but for most people, budget, time and location are key specifics.

So this takes us to the topic of designing a house on a budget friendly scale.  There are countless options when it comes to designing a new home.  It may even seem overwhelming, but we’re here to discuss the basics and give you a good sense of where you should splurge and where to save.

graniteWhen picking out your finishings for your floor, countertops, and cabinets, we really advise you to go ahead and pick out the ones you love the most.  Don’t go low quality with these, especially your countertops.  Cheap countertops in an otherwise beautiful and expensive home, will just lower not only the price of your home if you’re looking to re-sell, but it will also lower the quality of your home.  Home buyers are most likely to purchase your home if you have granite countertops, so splurge on this one item.  As for cabinets, you’ll want to go with the ones you love most.  However, it’s better to go for the second rate cabinets that look similar to the first rate ones.  Cabinets can always be replaced easily and you can’t tell a huge difference between expensive ones and cheaper ones.  For flooring, if you decide to go with hardwood floors (which we advise that you do), splurge on wood that will be in prominent places in your home.  These are rooms like your dining room, master bedroom, and living room.  However, for basement and other bedrooms, you can definitely get away with laminate flooring, especially if you have younger children who might do damage to expensive hardwood floors.

Another great option when designing a house on a budget is to look up prices for a viceroy home in Canada.  They have many options and modifications you can make to reduce the price of the home.  It’s also one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a home.

There are many options and advantages you are able to take if you decide to design and build a home instead of just purchasing an older one from another home owner.  You’re able to decide the exact details of what goes into your home.  You can also decide what options to splurge on and what items you want to save on.  If you go in this direction, just know that it takes time and work, but the finished result will be your own.

Volan Tinaggio Designs

Welcome to Volan Tinaggio Designs.  We do exterior and interior design ideas for houses and apartments of any sizes.  Our goal to to completely transform your home into a haven, a place where you feel comfort and design.

Designing the exterior of a home is extremely different from the design of an interior.  A visually appealing home from the exterior will generally be symmetric.  Balance of space and symmetry is very important to creating a structure that looks pleasant.  You want your home to be properly proportioned.  You don’t want the left side of your home to be triple the size of the right.  There needs to be some sort of general symmetry when you’re looking at the house dead on.  Another important facet of exterior design is the material you plan to use.  Brick or stone?  Wood or stucco?  There are so many options and you can definitely mix and match.  However, many people make the mistake of wanting too many textures, and this not only would cost more but would also make the home feel too messy.

We’re here to make all your troubles go away, and with our vast knowledge in interior and exterior design, all these worries you have will be gone!  We’re here to make those decisions for you, to plan and design the things you don’t understand.  We also will know what can mix and what can’t.  So trust us for your designs because we know we’ll do an amazing job!